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Gay couple: Engagement photo misused in antigay campaign mailer now makes them cringe


DENVER -- A New Jersey gay couple whose engagement photo was used in a Colorado campaign attack mailer said Wednesday the image that once represented their commitment now makes them cringe.

The couple filed a lawsuit in Denver federal court against the group that used the photo without their permission and put it on mailers against a Colorado Republican state lawmaker who supported a failed civil unions bill.

The photo of Brian Edwards, 32, and Tom Privitere, 37, holding hands and kissing with a New York City skyline as a backdrop was on display in front of the courthouse. Edwards said they are suing to "take back the beautiful image in our lives that was reflected in our engagement photo."

The Southern Poverty Law Center filed the lawsuit on behalf of the couple Wednesday against Virginia-based Public Advocate of the United States.

"At one time, it made us happy to look at this photo and see all it represented - love, home, excitement for our upcoming marriage," Edwards said.

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Hill v. PAUS Complaint - Filed 092612


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