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Schools superintendent allows Pastor Jack Hakimian to continue teaching at North Miami High

Back in July, I reported that Pastor Jack Hakimian demanded an apology from Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho after Carvalho threatened to keep the pastor from conducting Sunday school classes at North Miami Senior High.

Hakimian preaches that gays "can repent, they can through the spirit of God subdue their tendencies"

Shortly after a news conference -- and after consulting with School Board lawyers -- Carvalho revised his decision and allowed Hakimian to continue teaching in leased space at North Miami High.

“People of Faith everywhere are pleased that Miami-Dade County school officials acted responsibly and publicly acknowledged the rights of Christians to uphold Biblical moral values and traditional Christian teachings," said Anthony Verdugo, founder and executive director of the Christian Family Coalition. “While the outcome is a victory for people of Faith, it is unfortunate that this fundamental human right was attacked and threatened in the first place.”


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The title needs revision to: "Schools superintendent affirmed Pastor Jack Hakimian right to continue teaching at North Miami High"

The superintend did not or cannot allow, but only "affirm" our churches 1st Amendment rights which supersede country educational authority.

Only people with real authority can "allow" or "disallow" something.

The superintent does not have authority above and beyond the 1st Amendment or US Constitution. He can only affirm a precedent which has already been established.

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