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Video | Anderson Cooper and Kristin Chenoweth discuss why he publicly came out of the closet

A giggly Anderson Cooper on his daytime TV show Monday: "Now I'm all blushing and I'm getting nervous" as he tells Anderson Live premiere co-host Kristin Chenoweth why he publicly came out of the closet this summer.

"I came out in high school," Cooper says. "I told my friends, I told my family, I've always been out to my co-workers and stuff. It's just not something I talk about publicly 'cause as a reporter I didn't think it was appropriate. It didn't seem like part of my job."

Cooper continues:

"Visibility is important. I do think the tide of history only moves forward when everybody is fully visible. ... I didn't want to send a message that it was anything I was ashamed about or unhappy about or not comfortable with."


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Anderson Cooper will not stop until every last person knows he takes it in the rear.

He was so gay that he could not hide it any longer?

-because all gays have this need of having to tell everyone that they are gay.
-because he need it attention?
-because he wanted to add rich gay to his name.

who cares if he is in or out, if he pitches, or caches , and what is more important, he didn't need to say he is gay, we all knew, did you hear that Charlie Christ ?

because all gays have this need of having to tell everyone that they are gay.

i have been thinking about coming about about my obvious heterosexuality but I am concerned that people will look at me in a strange way if I start going around announcing it. When I first got up the courage to tell a close friend he looked at me like I was strange and did not have anything to say but he is still a friend so I guess I dodged a bullet there.

I was very young when I realized I was this way and it is something I have struggled with to no avail. I will have to just accept who I am and hope everyone understands.

Whoo, feel much better already!

What a bunch of idiotic comments. The reason gay people need to make themselves known is because otherwise everyone assumes you are straight and either you play along with being straight or you come out so that people stop treating you as if you were straight. It's uncomfortable to play along for gay people, and I guess it's uncomfortable for some straight people to deal with the fact that someone else is gay.

People treat other people as if they were normal. That means that they believe in the same basic things. Being gay is such a big deal because gays have turned it into their own special bulllshiit culture. It is like some cult. The Cokk Cult.

Real Nice! First, they brought us AIDS, now we have to include/celebrate them. WTF?

Yes, of course, heterosexuals never transmit venereal diseases when they have sex, and the spread of AIDS in Africa has nothing to do with heterosexual sex. And of course we should celebrate the overpopulation of the world and the heterosexual culture that brought it about, as well as all the unwanted children that heterosexuals produce by the millions each year.

I am prouder of being gay after reading the comments heterosexuals wrote about Anderson coming out, it is obvious that ignorance is of the essence. Let me ask you heterosexuals... how do you know how it feels to be judged and talked about because of your sexuality? Furthermore, why are you(heterosexuals) always wondering behind or backs if we are gay or not? You wonder and when we answer, yes, you complain about our response, who can figure you out.... And the expression, that we all take it in the rear, is the most ridiculous comment I heard yet...ignorance...

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