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Boston Globe: Then-Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney rejected new birth certificates for gay parents

The Boston Globe reports that in 2003, then-Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney rejected a state Registry of Vital Records and Statistics plan to revise birth certificate forms to say "father or second parent" rather than "father."

"But to then-Governor Mitt Romney, who opposed child-rearing by gay couples, the proposal symbolized unacceptable changes in traditional family structures," writes Boston Globe reporter Murray Waas.

"He rejected the Registry of Vital Records plan and insisted that his top legal staff individually review the circumstances of every birth to same-sex parents. Only after winning approval from Romney’s lawyers could hospital officials and town clerks across the state be permitted to cross out by hand the word “father’’ on individual birth certificates, and then write in “second parent,’’ in ink."

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There is no such thing as "same sex parents." A child can only be conceived by a union of a male with a female.

The Globe story is a cheap shot and a desperate attempt to bolster Obama's sagging campaign. Further I see nothing wrong with regard to same sex couples who have children to have 'Second Parent" on the birth certificate. What is the big deal?

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