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Celebrity Du Jour: British pop singer Darren Ockert now lives, records in Miami Shores

BY STEVE ROTHAUS, srothaus@MiamiHerald.com

36559_10150725335639682_1452674922_nBritish pop singer Darren Ockert moved in 2010 to South Florida, where he recently recorded and released his new EP collection, The Rain From London.

He and his partner live in Miami Shores. "I love it," Ockert said. "It’s like the sexiest city on the planet. Why wouldn’t you move to Miami?"

Ockert is currently in New York City shooting music videos for the four-song EP: The Rain From London, Force Of Gravity, I've Moved On and This Modern Life (1984).

The songs are "foreshadowing the album that will be out next year," Ockert says.

511X16GfljL._SL500_AA300_The EP already has been nominated for four Right Out TV Awards, "the Canadian equivalent to Out Music Awards," Ockert said.

From the website:

RightOutTV Music & Video Awards promote and honor the contributions Out artists make to the LGBTI community and music industry.

RightOutTV was created to provide a visual and audio vehicle for LGBTI artists to tell their stories, share their talent and help unify the International LGBTI music community.

The RightOutTV Mission is to support and raise awareness of Out artists who live authentically and openly in their lives and careers and to always have their best interests at heart.

Winners will be announced Oct. 29.

Ockert's previous single, Celebrity du Jour, came out in 2009.

The musician said that when he entered show business in the late 1990s, he wouldn't be in the closet.

"I made the conscious decision when I started recording to be an out artist," he said. "I couldn’t be who I am if I didn't do that. It’s an aspect of me like my eyes are blue. It’s just one part of me, but to deny that part would not have been a good choice."

Ockert said that growing up in Lincoln, a small city about three hours north of London, he had no out gay role models in the pop recording industry.

"You kind of felt it, like Freddie Mercury of Queen, that internal radar thing," he said. "George Michael. Those artists weren’t out at the very beginning. If they had they might have given hope to the kids. You’re not a complete artist if you're not completely open about yourself."

He believes "we are moving into a much more integrated society."

"Music is universal. We're all human and it affects us the same way. I write about experiences I've had and stories I've been involved in," he said. "I don’t want to be separatist: that’s gay, that’s straight.

Ockert avoids using pronouns when he writes songs.

"I want the music to be universal," he said. "I want the lyrics to be universal so that anyone can sing them."


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He has beautiful songs, and lovely web site that promotes him well,i enjoyed listening the songs of this great singer im sure he would do well in the future!

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