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National and state LGBT leaders to participate in Our Fund 'Road to Equality' leadership forum

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From Anthony Timiraos, CEO/President of Our Fund, the LGBT foundation in Fort Lauderdale:

Election day is almost here again and I am sure you have your hands full.  Living in a “swing” state gives us the privilege of getting bombarded with political ads and emails everywhere we turn.  Looking forward to the day after election and some good results for all of us.
It's a fact that the November elections will have an impact on the future of equality for all LGBT Americans.  It's not just the Presidential election but also local and statewide elections and same-sex marriage initiatives on the ballot in four states. The federal challenges to California's Prop 8 and DOMA only adds to the argument that collaboration between leaders working to achieve full equality is a requirement we cannot afford to ignore.
Six days after election day, Our Fund will be hosting our second annual LGBT Leadership Forum focused on the effect of the upcoming election on our quest for equality.  We are honored to have five nationally recognized LGBT leaders come to South Florida for what promises to be a lively and informative discussion.  Whatever happens on election day, this Forum will give us a sneak preview on how organizations will work together towards a goal we must reach.
There is no charge for admission.  Details are noted on the attached invite and you can register to attend at:



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