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Broward House AIDS agency to county commissioners: ‘We made a terrible mistake’

Broward commissioners harshly criticized the county’s largest HIV center for hiring a CEO linked to allegations of child sex abuse.


The woes of Broward County’s largest HIV center, Broward House, continued Tuesday as members of the County Commission — which is a significant funder — expressed outrage that an accused pedophile had been put in charge of an agency that cares for children.

Broward County contributes $400,000 in general revenue dollars to Broward House, unrestricted funds over which the county has direct control, said Commissioner Lois Wexler, a former school board member who requested the discussion at a regular commission meeting Tuesday morning.

“Not only have I lost confidence” in Broward House, Wexler said, “but many folks in the community have lost confidence...A cloud hangs over you that needs to move,” Wexler added.

The controversy began on Nov. 3, when The Miami Herald reported that members of the Broward House board had twice promoted Michael McGuigan — naming him chief executive officer in September — long after McGuigan had repeatedly been linked to allegations he sexually abused or made improper advances toward children. Earlier this year, a Broward judge stripped McGuigan of parental rights over a 6-year-old he adopted, after McGuigan agreed not to fight the accusations of state child welfare authorities.

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