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Christian Family Coalition warning to GOP officials: 'Be seen with Log Cabin "Republicans" and you lose!'

An email sent today from the Christian Family Coalition of Miami-Dade County:


SPECIAL ALERT to ALL Republican Elected Officials in Florida!

Be Seen With Log Cabin "Republicans" and You Lose!

MIAMI, FL - On Tuesday, November 6th, Democratic candidate Joe Garcia trounced U.S. Rep. David Rivera in the general elections for Congressional District 26 by a wide margin, 53.6% - 43.0%.

Much to everyone's disbelief, in May 2012, U.S. Representative David Rivera spoke at a Broward County Log Cabin "Republican" meeting. 

How ironic is this?  The Log Cabin "Republicans" are one of only two homosexual extremist groups operating within the Republican Party.  While they claim to be "conservative", in reality, they are anything but.  In 2004, they filed a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT), the military policy which protects our military troops from admitted homosexuals.  Furthermore, they want to impose homosexual so-called "marriage" as well as homosexual adoption on orphaned and abandoned children. 

Despite this extremist agenda, former U.S. Representative David Rivera, saw fit to meet with them earlier this year in Broward County.

So let's see, the same group that, with callous disregard for the military and marriage, is responsible for having "don't ask, don't tell" declared unconstitutional and wants to undermine the Florida constitution by disrespecting marriage as one man, one woman now pretends to call itself "conservative".  

Being seen with an anti-conservative extremist hate group like Log Cabin "Republicans", at the center of so much controversy for so many years, is unwise and imprudent. David Rivera disappointed many constituents by letting himself be used by this discredited group.

He felt his constituents' disappointment on Election Day.


The Christian Family Coalition (CFC) is a widely acclaimed human rights and social justice advocacy organization serving Florida children and families for over 9 years. CFC effectively mobilizes grassroots, fair-minded, pro-family voters across Florida and actively works with municipal, county, state, and federal elected officials to advance sound, family-friendly, non-discriminatory public policies.

Responds A. Jay "Andy" Eddy of the Broward Log Cabin Republicans club:

The attached CFC release is interesting.
LCR Broward is in hot seat again especially after the attacks from its left-leaning opposition because of LCR Broward's stand on the Benghazi executions, its support for Israel, and the Republican Party.
Now Log Cabin Republicans in Broward are being villified by the politically active Christian Family Coalition of Miami (CFC) who's targeting LCRBWD, a state Chartered GOP club,  as being an extremist-wing of the "Emancipation Party of President Abraham Lincoln."
One wonders if this group is affiliated with the Westboro Baptist Church Congregation and the Rev. Phelps because of the inflammatory brand of intolerance and political exclusion revealed in its press release in spite of the fact that they refer to themselves as being "a widely acclaimed human rights and social justice advocacy organization."


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I thought Jesus said "DO NOT JUDGE" and David said "DO NOT STAND IN THE WAY OF SINNERS." I guess these folks read a different bible. Hubris and Mammon are the gods the worship aside from the men they seem to regularly diefy.

As far as I am concerned, the only thing "Christian" about the CFC is the name. It is home to the biggest liars, hypocrites and corrupt government power players of South Florida - just look at who they they endorse and accept large sums of money from.

David Rivera had plenty of problems long before he met with LCR. Apparently, the CFC doesn't consider allegations of corruption and campaign finance violations sacrosanct compared to their hallowed definition of marriage (which by the way is contradicted throughout the Bible).

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