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Elmo actor Kevin Clash resigns amid new underage sex allegation

NEW YORK (AP) – Sesame Workshop says Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash has resigned from “Sesame Street” in the wake of allegations that he had sex with an under-aged youth.

Last week a man accused Clash of having sex with him when he was a teenage boy, a charge Clash denied. A day later, the man recanted his charge. A lawsuit by a second accuser was filed Tuesday, according to attorney Cecil Singleton.

Sesame Workshop called the controversy surrounding Clash's personal life “a distraction that none of us want” and led to his decision to leave the show.
Clash created the voice and persona for Elmo, who has become one of “Sesame Street's” most popular characters.


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Guess there'll be no more Tickle Me Elmo.

Our tax $$$ at work,
going to pay the salary of a PEDOPHILE

Seems that Clash not only had his hand up Elmo's áss , but others as well .

Pete, if you're upset about your tax dollars at work paying this guy's salary, I can only imagine how upset you are about the dozens of GOP senators that have been caught with "less than appropriate" behavior (adultery, prostitution, etc etc)... you're paying for their salaries as well.

My comment was removed . Seems as if some can't handle the truth .

Ignignokt, I reconsidered and restored your comment.

This is sad and troubling. Our society is in reality far from a free one. We impose roadblocks on those who do not follow our trends and personal preferences.
Are we really the free nation we so much claim to be?

This is nothing new. There are literally millions of professionals like this Elmo guy that do nasty behind the scenes. Hell even JFK was banging Monroe.

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