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Florida Family Association: 'Opposing homosexual agenda’s targeting of children will be top priority in 2013'

Email Wednesday from the Florida Family Association:

Disney_ad_1Florida Family Association supporters sent more than 9 million emails through our email action center.  The majority of these emails dealt with Islamist activities in America and the gay agenda targeting children.

With the start of a busy Christmas and New Year’s break next week we wanted to let you know now that we are ready for 2013.

Florida Family Association will continue to vigorously oppose the homosexual agenda’s targeting of our children by:

  • Starting a new campaign to encourage UPS to reconsider their withdrawal of funds from the Boy Scouts of America because they do not accept homosexual scoutmasters.  UPS also gives $45 million per year to homosexual extremist groups.
  • Flying two banners the day before and the day of Gay Day at Disney to warn families about the offensive event.  This year we plan to have a Spanish banner to warn the thousands of South American tourists that we attended at the Magic Kingdom during Gay Day at Disney 2012.
  • Continuing the campaign to oppose “Office Depot Partners with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation to Create a Braver, Kinder School Year - Office Depot to Donate At Least $1 Million to Support Born This Way Foundation.”
  • Continuing the campaign that urges Ernst & Young CEO James Turley to retreat from his public statement that supports homosexual scoutmasters in the Boy Scouts of America.  Turley is a BSA executive board member.
  • Continuing the campaign that counters LGBT activists’ drive calling on Electronic Arts, Inc. to add homosexual game players to Star Wars video games.
  • Opposing legislation which advocates legal status for same-sex relationships or special status for transgenders and homosexuals.
  • Continuing the campaign that calls on advertisers to stop supporting the Teen Nick show Degrassi which targets children with positive transgender roll models.

There will most likely be numerous situations that arise in 2013 which do not fall within one of the above categories.  Florida Family Association will carefully review and respond to those situations if appropriate.  Your eyes and ears can help us to be informed and respond accordingly.  Please forward news items regarding companies that pressure the Boy Scouts of America to accept homosexual scoutmasters and television shows that target children with homosexual and transgender content to davidcaton@floridafamily.org or submit through the contact button at Floridafamily.org.

Opposing the homosexual agenda’s targeting of children will be a top priority for Florida Family Association.

Your continued support of Florida Family Association’s email alerts is important to the success of future campaigns.  Thank you.


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I guess they think Brazilians speak Spanish.

FFA is part of the AFA, which is one of the more vile hate groups in the nation. Racist and sexist and now hating gays.

Welcome to conservative xtianity - if they cant have slaves, then they find a new victim.

BTW FRC is just as bad, here's their president perkins


Aggrandize their own suffering, exaggerate their victimhood, eat, drink and sleep sophisticated propaganda every waking moment, THAT is the gay agenda

You just want "Equality"? We just want our values respected - those values of religious freedom elaborated in the Constitution (a document based around a theistic frame of reference).

Our values of married couples raising children and teaching them morals is under intense assault by your gay "rights" process. Sure, our Christianity isn't perfect, it's had it's blemishes throughout it's history, but it's what inspired the founding fathers' interperetations of right and wrong that they codified into the Constitiution, and the Constitution is what has made this the greatest nation on earth for so many decades. You gays could give a flip about that proud legacy of prosperity, all it is pointless, and in need of being sacrificed on the alter of your gay "rights".

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