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Florida LGBT activists reflect on 'Charlie Crist's coming out' ... as a Democrat

Several LGBT activists aren't too pleased that former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is now Democrat.

Posted by Michael Emanuel Rajner to Facebook:

"My initial thought's on Charlie Crist's coming out"

Now some of the comments:

Dennis Godfrey: Michael, the man is a politician which means by its very nature, he's an opportunist. There are true public servants WHICH ARE FEW...and then there are politicians. We all know he's the latter. This should come as no surprise to anyone who's switched on.

Nancy Carola Jacobson: Not to mention two of the most conservative appointments ever to the Florida Supreme Court--Canady and Polston. As Ricky Ricardo would say, Charlie, you've got a lot of 'splainin' to do.

Wayne Dansbury: Like Rhett Butler 'I hate waste!' With that in mind, let's send 'Goodtime Charlie' back to school. Let him run for a state office- say state representative-

Pamela Kissinger: He didn't "come out"...he just changed coats, for he thinks a better opportunity. Wof, is a Wolf, is a Wolf. Like him, I do not.

Jack Crocetto: Creep that he is

Posted by Phil Attey of Port St. Lucie: The Democratic Party (as stated in our 2012 party platform) supports full civil equality for LGBT citizens -- including the right to civil marriage. I hope former Republican Governor Charlie Crist's new embrace of our party includes embracing our party's stands on LGBT equality, and look forward to a statement on this issue in the near future.


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Scott or Crist we need a better selection than either of these two.

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