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Gay icon Barney Frank eyes high-profile retirement


WASHINGTON -- Even in retirement, Barney Frank promises to antagonize the right wing.

The 72-year-old Massachusetts representative ends a storied congressional career in less than three weeks. In a tenure that spanned more than three decades, Frank has helped lead the civil rights debate as one of the first openly gay elected officials, crafted a financial reform bill designed to prevent another global crisis and become a liberal hero for his willingness to clash with conservative critics.

His days on C-SPAN may be almost over. And he has already moved out of his Capitol Hill office and Washington apartment. But this man will not go away quietly.

Frank has retained Hollywood super-agent Ari Emanuel to ensure he is a paid fixture on cable television, the lecture circuit, in bookstores - and maybe the occasional sitcom or Broadway show. He has already sent his agent two book proposals, one offering a recipe for future liberal success and the other a "semi-memoir" about the history of the gay rights movement. And he leaves Washington with a particular disdain for Fox News.

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I'm gay, he's not my icon. While I respect some things he did, I think he was an awful congressman. His knowledge of economics was abysmal—and still is—and he did a lot of harm to the economy.

i think i am going to throw up. bwaney fwank had a gay lover running an escort service out of his apartment in the 80's. between that and his role in the collapse of our economy, he should be ashamed to show his face in public.

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