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Scott Herman, a longtime gay Republican, becomes a Democrat after 2012 legislative loss in Broward

BY STEVE ROTHAUS, srothaus@MiamiHerald.com

Scott Herman of Wilton Manors, a gay Republican who this fall got clobbered in a run for a seat in the Florida Legislature, is now a Democrat.

“I switched parties,” said Herman, who recently ran in House District 94. Democrat Perry E. Thurston Jr. defeated Herman with 84 percent of the vote.

After more than 23 years as a Republican, Herman became a Democrat on Monday.

He said the state party ignored his campaign and, instead, sank thousands of dollars into an unsuccessful attempt to stop gay Democrat Joe Saunders from being elected to the House in Central Florida.

“After the treatment of RPOF, the way they treated all of us down here, ignoring us, we were not of value to the Republican Party,” Herman said.

Herman said that before he switched parties, he spoke with leadership of both parties in Broward, including the county’s gay Log Cabin Republicans club.

Herman said A. Jay (Andy) Eddy, a co-founder of the Broward Log Cabin club, spoke with him about staying in the GOP.

“I didn’t want to put Andy into a predicament. I listened to what they had to say,” said Herman, who plans to run a future campaign, this time as a Democrat. “The run for office is a given. It was never part of the thought process. I didn’t consider the advantages or disadvantages until the day of my decision.”

Eddy was a local mentor and campaign advisor to Herman, an Operation Desert Storm veteran who moved to South Florida a few years ago from North Carolina.

“He wanted me to remain his treasurer, and I said I can’t,” Eddy said. “I’m a member of the Republican Party Executive Committee.”

Herman said he hopes no one thinks his decision was a “political stunt.”

“It’s not something I take lightly,” he said, adding that he didn’t want to be an Independent in Broward. “If you’re involved in politics at all, as an elected or future candidate, you have to be either Republican or Democrat in these times,” he said.

Eddy reflected on Herman’s party switch and said it is hard to guess whether being a Democrat will advance his political future.

“We have Charlie Crist and we have Scott Herman,” Eddy said. “Sometimes down here, when you switch parties they look at you with skepticism.”

Eddy said he understands Herman’s disappointment with the statewide GOP and that even he has occasionally been asked to switch parties.

“I figure I do more good inside the Republican Party busting their chops than on the outside looking in,” Eddy said.


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Is this self-loathing pathetic loser just now realizing that his party never valued him? And does he think we are just going to embrace him after working against us for the last 23 years? His fantasy of "busting their chops" from the inside was just that: A fantasy. You can do so much more than "look in" if you are not a Republican; what exactly did he achieve on our behalf over 23 years? NOTHING! Take your loss and your political stunt and go away Mary. Who's the next double traitor? Andy?

For the life of me I cannot and never could understand how one can be gay and be a Republican. When the Republican Party platform contains explicit language that devalues and dehumanizes gays, I mean, WTF????

Mr. Carlos and any others:

You must be the most uneducated democrat around and one that jumps for his name to be printed in a story. You know nothing at all about Mr. Herman. You say he has done “Nothing” for the community, get your facts correct about this major loss to the Republican Party and a great gain to the Democrat party.

1. Mr. Herman no fantasy of “busting their chops” in the story, that was said by another party in the story. Since he did not say nor imply that.

2. What did Mr. Herman achieve as a Republican; he is a combat veteran of more than one military operation.

3. Mr. Herman was the first open gay Republican elected in the State of North Carolina to a county wide seat where he was in the minority and still managed to become the Vice Chairman. Mr. Herman even used a motion to appoint the Democrat he ran against and beat to an open seat on that same board.

4. Mr. Herman was the reason in 2001 when he was Chairman of a Board “Appointed” and Vice Chairman of the County wide Board he was elected to that he got “non-discrimination” due to “sexual orientation” was added and endorsed by six counties in North Carolina, he also won over the support in writing by every member of the North Carolina members of the US Congress - All of the Republicans and Democrats to endorse, even the Governor, Speaker of the State House, US Senator Hagen, and even formal US Senator Jesse Helms (Republican).

5. His actions lead to stopping the marriage amendment from passing for nearly seven years as North Carolina passed it a couple years after he left the State by a bi-partisan vote in the State House.

6. Mr. Herman also spoke with US Senator Burr of North Carolina, and was able to convince him to vote to repeal DADT and helped get the other four Republicans to vote to repeal DADT in the US Senate. Something that the Democrat leadership could not even do, at the time of the vote in 2010 the US Senate Democrats had the 60 member majority. Which you should know is the magic number and makes it filibuster proof. So by getting the Republicans to vote to repeal it this gay republican combat disabled veteran pushed the other Democrats to a YES vote!

7. Due to the votes Mr. Herman got in the City of Charlotte over non-discrimination for sexual orientation the City of Charlotte later added it to protect the gay community.

8. Mr. Herman helped to pressure hospital visitation rights for gay veterans and their partners at the VA Hospitals even while President Bush was in office. And Mr. Herman serves on a local committee at the local VA.

9. Mr. Herman is the reason when you look for Federal Jobs on the Federal Jobs website, when President Bush was in office, Non-Discrimination for sexual orientation was added.

10. Mr. Herman was the ONLY candidate here in 2012 to call for the full funding of ADAP, well guess what happened. More funding got added after his website posting and public statements.

Mr. Herman never once in his military service to our country, nor while appointed, elected, or as a candidate pointed these things out. He allowed himself to take coward hits from those like you and death threats to get things done. Mr. Herman has done so much and all he has gotten is name calling, non-tolerance, and discrimination from people like you. And just because you’re a democrat you think you are so special and above discrimination and non-tolerance, well look at name calling and uninformed statements about this true public servant. When has your life been on the battle field, on a ballot, elected or appointed and when have you stayed silent so things can get done to help so many.

Look at Mr. Herman’s facebook about marriage equality and you will have to notice that even before the current cases even started. Mr. Herman was for marriage equality and even gave the frame work for the current appeals in front of the court.

Gregg, your elitist Log Cabin Republican canned speech does not impress poor uneducated little me. For every one of his ten achievements, there are a dozen horrors done to the LGBT Community by his party over the last 23 years. And by the way, they don't value you either.

Dear Gregg:
While you may make a wonderful pit-bull/first wife someday, the fact remains that Mr. Herman switched parties ONLY when he lost as a Republican. Insulting members of the party to which Mr. Herman is switching, presumably on his behalf, isn't exactly politically correct. When an individual becomes and elected official, he or she understands that name calling and even death threats come with the territory. I highly doubt that a savvy politician such as Mr. Herman would call any constituent "uneducated" or "coward" and he may be smart to distance himself from your comments. Use your knowledge of the candidate to educate and attract, not to belittle and detract.


Thanks for once again jumping to you knowing unknown facts with the idea that I would be a “Log Cabin Republican”. Just so you know I’m NOT a Republican and I was among the few that supported him when he ran for State Representative.

But because of his work, his vision and his ability to get things done and he did not even have to be the one elected to get it done.

“Is this self-loathing pathetic loser just now realizing that his party never valued him? And does he think we are just going to embrace him after working against us for the last 23 years? His fantasy of "busting their chops" from the inside was just that: A fantasy. You can do so much more than "look in" if you are not a Republican; what exactly did he achieve on our behalf over 23 years? NOTHING! Take your loss and your political stunt and go away Mary. Who's the next double traitor? Andy?”

So this so called self- loathing pathetic loser managed to do some things for the community he lives in and against all odds.

He is the one that was told by Democrats that he would not get the flags to fly 24/7 at the veteran’s park when he moved here. Guess what. The board he is appointed upon voted for the measure and then it went over to the city council and got the city council approval but guess what the city is paying nothing for the flags for all the branches so far. Mr. Herman even found the funding by local’s to cover the cost for a few years. You should walk past Wilton Manors City Hall and look at the memorial for the veterans. Wilton Manors City is now just a hand full in all of Florida, that does fly all of the branches of the armed forces and it happened because Mr. Herman made it happen.

You said “And does he think we are just going to embrace him after working against us for the last 23 years?” Yes I gave a listing and other statements of facts where for over the last 23 years. Mr. Herman has been the reason or a factor in the reason as to why people of the LGBT Community where helped by Republicans. I would say that not till this year’s DNC convention in Charlotte, NC did the DNC put any value on you! Where was President Obama during his debates on Gay Marriage, well not until around May 9, 2012 did President Obama evolve to value even you Carlos and other LGBT to the point to support same sex marriage. So for the last 23 years prior you supported a party called the Democrats that signed in to laws such things when it could have been avoided like DADT and DOMA both signed by President Bill Clinton (Democrat). But you still supported Clinton, Gore, Obama and other Democrats that committed horrors against the LGBTQ community, they were not for full Equality and only this year 2012 did they evolve to support it in marriage.

Well Mr. Herman was for decades against them and had to not only fight Southern Republicans but also Southern Democrats. It’s been because of people like Mr. Herman being a public servant that we have got any chances at being better than a 3rd or 2nd class citizen in Country and State. You said he did “NOTHING”. You should look at what he has done and I bet the list is higher if Mr. Herman would write a book about what he has done.

So stop with the non-tolerance and discrimination statements against Mr. Herman becoming a Democrat and actually support someone that has support our cause for decades, btw longer than even the Clintons and Obamas.

You should actually read Mr. Herman’s 2012 campaign website as he has told everyone that it will be changing and may come down. I would say look at his issues tab its www.electscottherman.com and you should reach out to him and get to this man. And while you are at it you should say you are sorry to him for your actions of non-tolerance and name calling towards a man that has done more than you could dream of and I bet will keep on doing more and the press will not follow him. He has the ability of getting the job done and knows just what to do. Oh and something else I learned, unlike the Democrat before him that ran for State Representative, Scott failed to list everything he was involved in such as CERT, FOPA, Florida Planning Association, and many other groups and community groups. So this “self-loathing pathetic loser” has more of a back bone and honor that steams from his military awards than you ever will.

Oh and this loser has helped a veteran get his homosexual discharge changed, and in less than a half a day he got a young man approved for ADAP that had been waiting for three months. So you picked the wrong honorable man around here in Wilton Manors to pick on and name call. And he did all of these things and never has been honored himself and he did them when he was a Republican.

Shame on you Carlos, and any others, that would slam this man and not accept him with open arms. The local Democrats just gained a man that as I look at his 2012 campaign card actually gets results by having that “effective voice, stronger action, real representation for our district”. The RPOF really screwed this one up when they ignored him, they must have expected him to just keep laying low. I expect Mr. Herman will be very next great leader we all need. Oh and Carlos I don’t hang out with Mr. Herman, I one of those people that actually check whom I am voting for and try to find out about the person.

Now for O.P.

I would say that for Mr. Herman to switch parties just because he lost is misleading. He has won and lost elections prior and never switched parties. There must be a list of reasons or something that broke the camels back. As for what Mr. Herman may say or do that is why he is in politics and I am not. Nor am I wishing to be a first wife of his. I would actually hate to date someone in public life, but I have watched and tried to understand why he was a Republican and now to try to understand him after over 23 years becoming a Democrat.

At least he has not up and vanished like the others. He stays active and his back bone must be very strong. And from everything I can find he is as many would say looking and moving forward in a new chapter of his life. And yes you are right about the "uneducated" or "coward" part. I was wrong,so Carlos I am sorry, even though deep down I wanted to say more and I guess that is why I'm not in politics.

Apology accepted. And speaking of "jumping to knowing unknown facts," I am neither uneducated, nor a Democrat.

Mr. Carlos

Since you are not a Democrat why did you call Mr. Herman "...Is this self-loathing pathetic loser.." and said he has done "NOTHING!"..."Take your loss and your political stunt and go away Mary. Who's the next double traitor?"

Do you know Mr. Herman or do you have any type of relationship with Mr. Herman? Have you spoke with Mr. Herman? Since you said "I am neither uneducated, nor a Democrat" and you pointed out "And speaking of jumping to knowing unknown facts,". And since I am asking you these in light of your bashing Mr. Herman, I have not spoke to him.

You can't blame him , He was born that way!

We need not disregard any allies.
Regardless of political party or religious affiliation.

Supporters of equality can come from unlikely sources and can unite us if we allow it.

As trite as this may sound, living in the moment may be a fresh way to look at Scott Herman's new life as a Democrat. From the very moment of his Monday, 17 December 2012 conversion date until he decides to run for an elected office, he will have an opportunity to prove that he is worthy of a Democrat's trust and vote.
Gay or straight, he'll have to earn his stripes, and our vote. Enlightenment comes in may ways, for Scott, it meant being trampled by his grand old party. Welcome to the new and improved party Scott, now, continue to prove yourself to the south Florida community.

I commend Mr. Herman for finally doing the right thing.
If you want to play with another man's pee pee, go where other men want the same thing, not where it sickens them.
You just wanted to be a thorn in people's side and picked a fight you could not win.

There you go, Gregg, your Party in all its decrepit bigotry. The same Party Herman raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support. So much so that when they didn't reciprocate with enough money for his campaign, he quit to go where the money is, with the winners of the next 4-5 national elections. He needs to find another job, instead of asking anyone gay or het or asexual to give him money for another campaign. Being gay is not a requirement to belong to the Democratic Party. We have an enormous number of planks in our platform that Herman has also been fighting against for 23 YEARS!? F-U, permanently, and every single Republican in that sick and twisted party of chicken hawk war criminals and thieves, international con artists, and amoral, immortal corps.'s who've bribed their way into demanding and getting from Republicans, so-called "human rights" to compete with actual human beings.

I bent too far trying to include my opinion of the corps.'s purchase of "humanity" from the Roberts SCOTUS. There. At least in that sentence I used it correctly. "Corpses" given humanity equals zombies. Those who support the corps. government of the Republican Party are zombies doing the work of the undead, amoral, immortal corps.

No B. Allan Ross,

If you took the time to read the other postings above you would have found out about Mr. Herman.

1. You would know that I am not a Republican, so unless you know what you’re talking about the Democrat party in all its decrepit bigotry you might want to get your facts together.

2. You would know that by Mr. Herman being a Republican for the time that he was. He was able to get true equality thru and protections in place where he has lived and even served in the military.

3. If you also took to the time to read the prior comments. You would find out that it was in a major part because of him that DADT even got repealed because it took bring over 5 Republicans before the other conservative Democrats would vote to repeal it after the midterm elections. (Look up in the comments)

4. It is because of people like you "B. Allan Ross" that openly discriminates. You know nothing about Mr. Herman's political history but you use his political party to discriminate and show non-tolerance.

5. Just read the above comments about all the good this man has done and read up on him and you might wish you had remained silent and not showed your back side and lack of common respect.

How do you expect to get others to respect us when we claim it’s for equality, non-discrimination and tolerance for our community, when we are just as guilty of discrimination and non-tolerance as we blame all Republicans for being, when facts show that is not the case. Another case in point was the Republican GOP event in Tampa this year. It was defeated but at least there were those in the GOP pushing for equality.

Then again why should I waste my time talking to someone that has no clue what he is talking about.

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