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Harvey Fierstein: Jodie Foster 'sent the message being gay is something of which to be ashamed'

Broadway star and playwright Harvey Fierstein today on Facebook:

Trying desperately to be fair to JODI FOSTER, but what she did last night by standing in front of millions of people and being too ashamed to say the word lesbian or gay sent the message that being gay is something of which to be ashamed.

Don't believe me? Kathy Lee and Hoda this morning talked about her speech and tripped over themselves to NOT use the word gay or lesbian.

I am saddened that after all of these years and all the progress we've made, her first concern was about how it was going to effect her career and publicity.

Oh, my brothers and sisters, we have so much further to go until we can enjoy the sweet victory of equality.


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Jodie Foster should make up her mind. She said both she desperately wants her privacy *and* that she wants us to know her deeply. She claims she doesn't want to come out, but, oh, by the way, here's her gay partner and Jodie's personal, private feelings abour her for millions of Golden Globe watchers to see and hear.

Also, she has the right to not "come out" publicly, but I don't appreciate her snarky comments about those who do. People, especially celebrities, coming out has done a world of good for acceptance of those whose sexuality is non-hetero.

And, for crying out loud, Jodie, it's an award for show biz activities. You haven't cured cancer, so don't act like you're accepting an award for anything that important.

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