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Outsports.com: 'Is Manti Te’o gay? Girlfriend hoax has many people asking'

Posted today by Cyd Zeigler Jr. on Outsports.com:

Is Manti Te’o gay? Girlfriend hoax has many people asking.

We’ve seen rumors and heard stories about countless athletes in the past. But not since Troy Aikman have I been bombarded on email, text, Twitter and phone calls about the sexual orientation of any athlete the way I was today about Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o. The questions are in response to Deadspin’s article on Wednesday revealing that the story of the deceased girlfriend of Te’o was a complete hoax, and that Te’o (allegedly) lied about 1) knowing the woman, 2) that the woman existed and 3) having a girlfriend at all.

Click here to read the complete Outsports blog post.


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