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Viral Apartheid blog: ‘Uncle Poodle’ HIV prosecution allegations raise serious questions

Todd Heywood, a gay journalist living with HIV in Michigan, written a commentary about Honey Boo Boo's Uncle Poodle, who last week disclosed that he is HIV positive and sent his boyfriend to jail for infecting him.

From Heywood on the blog Viral Apartheid: HIV in the 21st Century

LANSING, MICH. — The national media has attached itself to a brief interview by the Atlanta based gay magazine Fenuxe in which Lee Thompson, aka Uncle Poodle of the ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ show on TLC, announces he is HIV-positive. In the interview he also says he “hesitantly” prosecuted his ex-boyfriend for infecting him with the virus.

The interview left much to be desired in relation to details and facts, and the time frame presented by Thompson related to his positive test and the prosecution, adjudication and sentencing of his ex-partner triggered red flags for many of us who have covered HIV criminal cases, specifically, and the criminal justice system in general.

Because Thompson does not name the ex-boyfriend, and entertainment blogs about the show and Thompson are mum on the identity of the ex-boyfriend, I spent the last week calling district attorneys and law enforcement in Georgia and Alabama trying to find out where this prosecution happened. Not a single district attorney or law enforcement official I spoke with could find a case to match the facts presented by Thompson, nor could they find a case in which Thompson was the named defendant.

Click here to read Heywood's complete post.


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Well he took a right decision his boyfriend should informed him that he is HIV!!

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