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White House petitioned to replace 'antigay' Pastor Louie Giglio at second Obama inaugural

New petition posted to We the People on the White House website:

Replace anti-gay Pastor Louie Giglio for the benediction at the inauguration with a pro-LGBT member of the clergy.

On January 9th you announced that you had selected Pastor Louie Giglio to give the benediction at your second inaugural. According to Think Progress, Pastor Giglio, like Rick Warren, has delivered sermons urging Christians to fight against LGBT equality. Four years ago Rick Warren was unacceptable for doing that. Today, Giglio is.

There are many members of the clergy active in the cause of civil rights and who have long been on the front lines of the fight for LGBT equality. As we told your four years ago, selecting a Christian fundamentalist who has a record of anti-gay sermons is offensive and unnecessary.

Therefore, we call on you to replace Giglio and to select a member of the clergy with a history of supporting LGBT equality to give the benediction at your second inaugural.


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When Obama's black Harvard pal Henry Louis Gates Jr. felt disrespected by the police, Obama stopped the business of the entire country to intervene yet he has no qualms about disrespecting every gay person in the country with his embrace of yet another homophobic preacher at his Inauguration.

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