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Loving Everywhere project asks same-sex couples to send photos of themselves to Supreme Court

An email from Miami-based eQualityGiving:

logo For the first time in a decade, on March 26th and 27th, the Supreme Court will hear two cases about LGBT equality. Their rulings on these two cases will likely direct same gender marriage laws for the next decade(s).

The cases are ably handled by two civil rights organizations: The ACLU LGBT project and the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

But you can do your part to ensure a positive ruling. So, we have started the Loving Everywhere project. We are asking couples to send a picture of themselves with a thoughtful letter to each Supreme Court justice explaining the importance of having their marriage recognized not only by the federal government, but also by all 50 states and territories. (This can be achieved by requiring that all states either allow same gender marriages or recognize out of state marriages.)

We all understand the importance of our marriages being valid everywhere. We know of the problems that occur when you travel or relocate and suddenly you are not considered married.

Loving Everywhere is a connection to the 1967 Loving v. Virginia case, in which the Supreme Court ruled that interracial marriages should be valid everywhere. At that time the majority of Americans opposed interracial marriage (while today most Americans support same gender marriages). At that time, contrary to today, interracial couples legally married could be imprisoned just by moving to a state that did not allow such marriages. When President Obama was born in Hawaii to an interracial couple, their marriage was illegal in many states.

The purpose of Loving Everywhere is to inform justices of the need for our marriages to be recognized everywhere, not just by the federal government or a few states.

The personal touch of a picture and a thoughtful letter has a unique impact. Go to LovingEverywhere.com to get the names and address and start writing! Remember, the cases will be heard at the end of March.

Please tell your friends and family to do the same.

Best regards,


Juan Ahonen-Jover, Ph.D.
Ken  Ahonen-Jover, M.D.



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