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CNN's Ana Navarro on Rob Portman: 'I respect him tremendously for putting his son above all'

CNN contributor Ana Navarro of Miami spoke to Carol Costello on Friday about U.S. Sen. Rob Portman's decision to support gay marriage after his own son came out of the closet.

"I know Rob Portman, he's a friend of mine. I'm very supportive of what he's done. I respect him tremendously for putting his son above all. And I think he has not compromised his principles. He has not changed his principles," Navarro said.

"Rob Portman also stands for principles of being a father, of being a loving husband. Of being a a family man. And as Republicans, we stand for that. We stand for family values and family unity. We stand for smaller government. We stand for not telling people who they should marry, what they should do, having government dictate private lives."

Watch the video to hear more from Navarro about marriage equality and her gay friends.


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I don't respect him at all. Why does he only do what's right when it involves his own family? Why didn't he do the right thing for everyone else before his son came out? Typical me, me, me, conservative.

I totally agree with Larry's comment. I can't respect a person who only changes his point of view just because it now affects his family. What will happen to his views if he becomes estranged from his son or if his family is no longer associated with a gay son. Will he go back to his prejudice views. A politician works for all the people and should espouse care and compassion for everyone.

What REpublican Party does this woman belong to?

Has Ann Navarro even read the Republican Party Platform or even recall this last election and the overwhelming views expressed by so many Republican candidates on these issues she now espouses?

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