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Sister Edith Gonzalez, 69, remembered for work with AIDS patients, compassion, humor, objectivity


For those who knew her, Sister Edith Gonzalez was much more than a spiritual leader.

The people whose lives she touched describe her as a dear friend, a mother figure and a confidante. She devoted her life to working with the perpetually underrepresented — children, AIDS patients, refugees, the impoverished in need of health care and the developmentally disabled.

After nearly half a century of caring for the sick and the poor, on Friday night Gonzalez lost a lengthy battle with cancer. She was 69 years old.

“I’m not trying to say she was a saint, because she would be the first person to say she wasn’t a saint,” said Shed Boren, a social worker who knew Gonzalez for more than 20 years.

But she was one of the most compassionate and least judgmental people he’s ever known, Boren said.

“She represented the beauty of God’s love.”

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