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Transgender Awareness Workshop March 20 at FIU

transgender day

A Transgender Awareness Workshop is set for noon Wednesday, March 20, at Florida International University's Biscayne Bay Campus. From the university's website:


Transgender persons have been documented in many indigenous, Western, and Eastern cultures and societies from antiquity until the present day

International transgender day of remembrance is November 20th

1/3 of Transgendered youth have attempted suicide

40% of all homeless youth are transgendered

In 2012 265 individuals were murdered for simply being Transgendered

Want to know more?

Statistics from the Transgendered Law Center, San Francisco California

Join us to learn more about T in LGBTQA

Please RSVP to lgbt@fiu.edu

Light refreshments will be provided

MARCH 20, 2013


NOON –– 1:00 PM


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