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SAVE Dade demands apology from Miami Dolphins for Mike Wallace's 'homophobic statement'

save dade From SAVE Dade:

In reference to homophobic statements made via Twitter by Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace, SAVE Dade issued this statement:

It is a sad moment and a huge disappointment for Miami-Dade residents and fans that Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace makes such a homophobic statement on the day a fellow professional athlete, NBA player Jason Collins, shows such inspiration and strength with his personal story. It's time for the hateful speech and bigotry to stop - and we hope that the Miami Dolphins issue an apology to our residents and the broader South Florida community.


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Hey Steve, it's obvious those glasses you are wearing are rose tinted. There was nothing "homophobic" about Mike's comments. He said it as he saw it, with so many beautiful women he doesn't get why someone is attracted to fellows. How un-understanding are the gay supporters? You cannot understand any view that is not your own? How about the pot calling the kettle black? The slant you put on anyone not supporting what whole-heartedly what you support while portraying your cause as the only way to support diversity and equality? Hypocrite much? It's come to be the standard, though I will not excuse you on such grounds. You sir, are a bigot (the actual definition of the word, not the common usage referring to anyone who does not support the gay agenda). Mr. Wallace in no way said he thought the man should not have come out, he in no way "hated", he voiced a thought, a thought many people share who happen to also accept people as people. I have no ill will toward you for being so closed minded, I simply wish you to get over your hypocrisy and be more understanding before calling for someone's head. The only apology needed is from those who fail to take the time to think things through before immediately assuming thoughts come from a negative place. I think those who assume so are basing the fact that hate drives most of their own perspective. That is called "projecting" and the world would be a better place if it ended. Have a nice day, sir.

some people dont get why there are no white people in basketball, or why there are no black people in hockey. why do foreigners come to america? because this is a country of fairness, hope, and variety of many cultures and religions. ALL PEOPLE should have Equal Rights. it doesnt matter if you believe in religion or not. we need Respect for All People- GAY, STRAIGHT, OLD, YOUNG, DISABLED, BEAUTIFUL, SCRAPPY, LONG HAIR, SHORT HAIR, RELIGIOUS, NON RELIGIOUS, SUCCESSFUL, UNSUCCESSFUL, ETC. if everyone had their rights taken away, they would know how some people are treated and would think differently. we all need to respect each others space, even if we dont get why.

I applaud your statements phate! I saw nothing wrong with MW's comments, which were not homophobic, hateful, or judgmental. It was simply an opinion of another human being not a direct attack toward homosexuals. Frankly, I agree with Mike.....I do not advocate hatred toward any individual or group, but I also know that we have just as much of a right to share our opinions about heterosexual relationships as homosexuals do about theirs. I find it amazing that we have no qualms about discussing rights for homosexuality but as soon as a single statement is made it is said to be homophobic. For example, I believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman only. Just because that is my belief does not mean that I am homophobic. I do not have to, from a personal perspective, accept someone else's practices/preferences and me voicing that publicly does not imply that I hate the individual.

MW made a statement based on his opinion of his view of human sexuality and relationships it had no hateful connotations within it nor did it imply he was homophobic in anyway. The media, as always, blows up anything, many pro athletes say, in an attempt to create sensationalism and stories that bring attention to their publications or coverage. I don't believe any apology beyond what MW has already offered stating it was not his intention to offend anyone. Using "anyone" in the apology already includes the communities surrounding South Florida area residents and anyone else that may have been hurt by an innocent opinion that MW voiced. The fact you think you are owed some special apology and demand it only shows it is the likes of you that fuels hatred and negativity. Just accept his already made apology and get over it. Good day to you.

The Miami Dolphins should not apologize for MW's comments. These comments in no way stated hatred or dislike of the gay community. I don't understand why the gay community always gets up in arms when someone does not agree with their CHOSEN lifestyle. Then to be politically correct, folks in the political arena and the spirts arena come out and say how great Jason is. If Jason was so proud of being who he is, he should have came out when he got drafted and used the NBA platform to fight the gay cause. Not wait til the end of his career to come out and proclaim that he wnated to be "genuine and authentic and truthful"....to who?? If I was a gay person I would ask Jason - "WHY DID YOU WAIT THIS LONG? WHERE WERE YOU WHEN WE MARCHED AND FOUGHT FOR OURS AND YOUR RIGHTS? YOU WERE CONVINIENTLY MAKING MILLIONS. SORRY BUT WE DON'T NEED YOU NOW"......

I'm sorry gentlemen. this all sounds nice in theory. but in reality, it's just a copout. nothing more, nothing less. everyone needs to take responsibility for their own actions. no matter how much they may come from a place of alleged 'misunderstanding.' mike wallace knows damn well what he said. to him, being homosexual is unfathomable. it's 2013. there's no excuse.

besides. he took down his comment. guilty much?

and for you all who think it was 'convenient' timing. talk about hypocrisy. you have no idea what courage has to be mustered up in order to come out. especially when you feel the only world you know can fall apart just as quickly as the words leave your lips.

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