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Czech President Milos Zeman in gay-rights dispute


PRAGUE -- Czech President Milos Zeman is being criticized for refusing to grant a university professorship - the nation's top academic title - to a critic of his, allegedly because the man is also a gay rights activist.

Zeman has refused to fully explain his stance, saying he doesn't want to "humiliate" the candidate, Martin C. Putna, "by naming the reasons publicly."

But over the weekend Zeman said on Czech public TV that he "does not recognize people aspiring to teach at universities" who attend gay festivals.

On Monday, Zeman said Putna's sexual orientation itself is not an issue. Putna had backed Zeman's opponent in the last presidential election.

Czech presidents formally appoint the country's university professors.

Politicians and universities have said Zeman's remark was an unacceptable intrusion on academic rights.


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Just a part of what you are saying here is right. Mr. Zeman mentions that it was not too convenient for a man who aspires to be granted a university professorship to hold a banner "Catholic poofs greets Mr. Batora. Mr. Zeman's reluctance has nothing to do with Mr. Putna's sexual orientation, being a gay rights activist or having been a Zeman's opponent in the last presidential election.

All is about dignity, natural respect, conduct, about all the virtues that candidates should presnet.

Its a big lie! President is not against gay community he just did not want to named mr.Putna as a proffesor of the university becouse he walked with the offensive banner on gay pride last year...and somebody like proffesor of the UNI should presentate himself like not like a boor but show his inteligence be example for others..he did not...If you dont know exact facts then dont make a victim. Or translate the news in correct way.

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