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President Barack Obama declares June 2013 as LGBT Pride Month

From the White House:

Attached is a proclamation signed by the President today regarding LGBT Pride Month, 2013.

Presidential Proclamation -- LGBT Pride Month


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Well you must not keep God's word in the equation!! Get ready America because there is God ( he created us) , and he is not happy. What did God make woman for? Man. They are made perfectly for each other because God does not make mistakes. Obviously, we do. If we all lived by the word of God this would be a perfect world.

phony he finish with the word the year of our lord, the question who is his lord?

Hello Deborah Mauldin. I have only one thing to say to you. You're a big, negative, atrocious, vicious, mean, ill-spirited, hurtful, cold-hearted, close minded, uncooperative, uncontributing, counter-productive, jerk in this on going, constantly changing, evolving country/world/universe. So please go sit in that little corner of yours' called "Hell" and leave the rest of us alone. Thank you very much and have a wonder rainbow, fairy-tastic, peaceful, blessful, yin-yang, awesome day!

P.S. - No one should to be told hateful, hurtful things that target a person's self-esteem, self-respect. We all have pride and dignity as everyone person in this world, good or bad. With that please do try to be considerate, concern, generous, respectful, kind, well-mannered, polite and respectful to others and not just yourself. Please try to focus on making yourself better first before forcefully implicating your own your beliefs and views on others. If there are those who are willing to listen to you than they will come to you for advice not the other way around. Thank you.

A suggestion/opinion is one thing but a command/statement is another. I honestly don't care what it is that you do in the privacy of your own home because one it's none of my business and because I don't see it isn't affecting me. But at the same time I can not be biased to seeing to opposite sex couples kissing in public because I to would like to do that too with my same-sex partner if I had one. Welcome to the Age of Understanding! ^^

Everyone is a person*

o o... Wow a typo... I can't type today. XD

Have a wonderful rainbow, fairy-tastic, peaceful, blessful, yin-yang, awesome day everyone!

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