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Video | Rachel Maddow trashes PolitiFact after it brands Navratilova claim about gay firings 'half true'

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On Sunday, retired tennis star Martina Navratilova appeared on CBS' Face the Nation and declared that in 29 states gay people could be fired just because they are gay.

The Tampa Bay Times' PolitiFact (a Miami Herald news partner) put Navratilova's assertion through the "Truth-O-Meter," confirmed that 29 states don't have laws protecting gay people from being fired because of their sexual orientation -- and on Tuesday declared Navratilova's statement "half true."

That night, Rachel Maddow trashed PolitiFact in a segment on her MSNBC program titled, "PolitiFact sullies fact checking again with inexplicable rating."

Maddow said:

PolitiFact looked into it. Employers can fire you if you're gay or they think you're gay. State law in 29 states. That's true. They published a map of the 29 states, proving when Martina said 29 states have those laws, that was a true statement. The retired tennis lady says that's true of 29 states, they fact check that statement. It finds what she said was true about the 29 states, and so then PolitiFact with the name fact in its name revealed that statement to be true. They rated it half true because they checked what they said and found it was true, then rated her half true, because they are PolitiFact. This is why the fact checking is pointless when we need it to mean something. It exists and branded themselves arbitrator of fact and they're terrible at fact checking.

Watch the video above to view Maddow's complete PolitiFact segment.


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