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Jennifer Lopez brings 'The Fosters' to ABC Family; show depicts lesbian couple as heads of household


BURBANK, Calif. -- "The Fosters" is a study in unlikely bedfellows.

The new ABC Family drama pairs mainstream star Jennifer Lopez and Peter Paige, who played bubbly Emmett in the cult favorite series "Queer as Folk," as executive producers. It brings to television a rare depiction of a lesbian couple as heads of a household.

And "The Fosters," airing its second episode 9 p.m. EDT Monday, combines a focus on the generally ignored lives of foster children with the challenges of an ethnically diverse home - a big reach for an hourlong series aimed at teenagers and young adults.

"I think in every time we have to kind of push that envelope and really be a reflection of what's going on in society and ... this show does that and in a smart, edgy, funny, heartfelt way," said Lopez, who's producing it with co-creators Paige and Bradley Bredeweg.

The 43-year-old actress-singer-dancer candidly cites her life as an example of the changing nature of family.

"You can't keep spoon-feeding the idea of what the perfect family is. It just doesn't exist," she said. "Even myself, I have two kids, their dad (Marc Anthony) doesn't live at home with us. I'm divorced. They have four stepbrothers and sisters from two other moms. It's not traditional."

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