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WLRN audio | Steve Rothaus speaks of how DOMA decision affects you on 'The Florida Roundup'

From WLRN:

wlrnOn The Florida Roundup, we take a look at three big decisions out of Washington, D.C. this week: the U.S. Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage and the Voting Rights Act as well as the U.S. Senate's vote on the immigration bill.

The George Zimmerman trial began on Monday with racial expletives and a joke. But what happens outside the courtroom is almost as important as what happens inside.  And although the city of Sanford anticipated throngs of protesters, few have shown up.

Guest host and WLRN anchor Kelley Mitchell speaks with Steve Rothaus and Nancy Ancrum of The Miami Herald and Dan Ricker of the Watchdog Report.

Click here to listen.


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