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Europe’s image of tolerance doesn’t extend to gay rights


BERLIN -- Vadim’s brilliant white groom’s tuxedo matched both his smile and the outfits of his friends as they gathered along Berlin’s famed shopping street, the Ku’damm, and waited for the uberfestive annual gay pride parade to begin.

But if the attire of the Russian men hinted at global progress in what many here believe is the civil rights effort of this era – gay and lesbian equality under the law – their words and placards told a very different story.

Vadim, 36, and tellingly afraid to give his real name for fear of reprisals back in Moscow, admitted that his costume was just as much a fantasy as those of the men down the street dressed as unicorns.

“Back in our country, homophobia is law,” he explained. “Our struggle isn’t about the right to marry. Right now, we’re focused on the right to state our case without violating the new laws against gay propaganda.”

Two U.S. Supreme Court decisions on same-sex marriage were widely interpreted last month in the United States as ushering in greater acceptance of gays and lesbians in American culture. But in Europe, even as the British Parliament approved gay marriage on Tuesday, attitudes toward gays and lesbians are decidedly more mixed. Two countries, the Netherlands and Belgium, legalized gay marriage a decade ago. But elsewhere the approach toward gays and lesbians is far less tolerant.

In Russia last month, President Vladimir Putin signed a law that imposes a $3,000 fine on people advocating for gay and lesbian rights – including the right to marry. The legislation passed 436-0 in the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament.

“It’s not about imposing some sort of sanctions on homosexuality,” Putin said. “It’s about protecting children from such information.”

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This is perhaps the worst article I've read in a long long time. Europe is not a political entity. In the US, we have a decidedly mixed state of gay rights and acceptance- look at our various states, 36 of which ban gay marriage in their constitutions. How much more mixed can that get? This a very poorly educated typically American way to look at "Europe".

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