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Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, other potential 2016 GOP candidates share views on DOMA decision

logoAssociated Press has gathered quotes regarding the Supreme Court's recent DOMA decision from leading Republicans viewed as potential White House candidates in 2016.

From Florida:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush: Bush has said gay marriage should be decided by individual states. In a speech in June, Bush told the Faith and Freedom Coalition that "families don't look all the time like they used to, and that's OK," and said the nation needs to be supportive of non-traditional families.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio: In a lengthy statement, Rubio said the Supreme Court "made a serious mistake" and "overstepped its important, but limited role." He said gay marriage should be decided through the democratic process and "not through litigation and court pronouncements."

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The sorry Bushes are at it again, triangulating the h-ll out of this issue for personal gain. "Leave it up to the states," he says, and once he announces his candidacy he will include, "yes each state should decide this issue, and personally, like my church, I believe marriage is between one man and one woman. But this is my personal faith based belief, and I understand reasonable people differ, and I support that, as long as it is left up to the states."

His brother found it easier to use fear mongering and demagogue gay marriage (including supporting a federal constitutional amendment imposed on all states to outlaw gay marriage nationally) in order to barely win the 2004 election, but Jeb will have to have a more nuanced position in times far less friendly to Bushes and more friendly to gays.

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