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Log Cabin Republicans of Broward celebrate club's 32nd anniversary

News release from  A. Jay "Andy" Eddy of Log Cabin Republicans in Broward:

LCR Broward's Rainbow Anniversary Celebration: A 32 Year Success Story on the Pathway to Fairness and Inclusion

Many talk about the “grand design” of “Rainbow Equality” but when it comes to Republicans who are  Fiscally-Conservative Egalitarians within society and the progressive media those colors of the rainbow do fade unfortunately bleached by indifference, exclusion, and/or intolerance from extremes within the far left and right.

On Sunday afternoon a large group of Republicans gathered in Fort Lauderdale to celebrate the historical significance of LCR’s outreach and inclusion. Members and friends of Log Cabin Broward commemorated the Chapter’s 32nd anniversary as they were joined by allies from their Miami/Dade LCR sister club and the Broward County Republican Party all reflecting on how a small band of Egalitarians have committed themselves to creating positive political and social change while traveling on the path of fairness and inclusion

In 1991, after the first national convention of the Log Cabin Federation in Tampa , Ed Bieler became the official president of the newly chartered Log Cabin Broward Chapter. In 1993 Andy Eddy, then the club’s Secretary, while attending the LCF national convention in Philadelphia , was nominated and elected the Southeast Regional Director of the Log Cabin Federation (LEF). On April 19, 1999 Broward GOP Chairman Ed Pozzouli, as witnessed by Buddy Nevins of the Sun-Sentinel, presented the chapter with a first of its kind, a GOP State Republican Party charter. It’s a GOP charter never extended to this type of a group encountering exclusion based on sexual orientation. Al Cardenas signed that charter with the blessing of the then Governor Jeb Bush and the contributing support of Rep. Debby P. Sanderson while others believed that such a feat would be impossible in the State of Florida. Other LCR clubs have since followed suit and now comprise the Florida LCR Council of Clubs.

“Log Cabin Broward is more than just being political it’s a blended color-and-gender-blind fraternity, one of mutual respect and camaraderie, and mostly of outreach regardless of who you are as a citizen of this great county,” remarked Jack Majeske, the club’s Past President.

Mrs. Sandra Steen, the club’s President suggested that, “It’s our American dream of ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ in action and there is no better way to celebrate our vision than by relaxing with a cool beverage, enjoying some tasty food, and being poolside engaged in lively conversations within a social environment that nourishes camaraderie void of intolerance, resentment, and misrepresentation.”

The Broward LR Chapter also used the anniversary celebration to honor Juan Aguilo, Cara Pavlock – BREC‘s Secretary, and the Broward Young Republicans all receiving the club’s Spirit of Lincoln Award for their cooperation, support, and achievements. A message was also received from Commissioner Chip LaMarca who was in Texas on County business congratulating the group for all of its accomplishments and hard work.

For information about Log Cabin contact Mrs. Sandra Steen at (954) 829-4165 or write to LCR Broward at P.O. Box 1281 , Ft. Lauderdale , FL 33302


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