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Miami Herald columnist Lydia Martin, South Florida family attorney Elizabeth Schwartz wed in Vermont

Congratulations to one of South Florida's best-known lesbian couples, Miami Herald columnist Lydia Martin and Miami Beach family attorney Elizabeth Schwartz, who married Friday in Vermont.

"After some talk about possibly getting married. Maybe next year, maybe in California or D.C., we decided to elope instead," the Lunch With Lydia columnist posted Friday night on Facebook. "We happened to be near the first state that recognized same sex marriage by legislation, and we were married there today, in the only synagogue in Bennington, VT."


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Yay for the lovely couple. Glad they didn't wait for Florida to come into the 21 Century. We're just about a century behind the rest of the country.

Although Lydia and Liz claimed they eloped, I am not sure that is accurate as my husband, Kenny and I (Lizzie's parents) were with them. Don't you usually elope to get away from your parents? It was a touchingly appropriate ceremony conducted by a Lesbian rabbi with her wife (also Elizabeth) holding one of the chuppah poles.

Maxine, congratulations on Lydia & Liz's wedding. It's great that you and Kenny attended their elopement. ;)

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