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Video | 'Brawl at Pride Fest in Seattle. Street preachers get attacked by crowd.'

A photographer June 30 at gay pride in Seattle recorded a brawl in which LGBT activists fought with antigay street preachers.

Here's the complete video, posted by Rogue Reflections to YouTube:

While photographing this event, I witnessed a growing anger from some of the crowd, towards the preachers. All of a sudden a few members in the crowd attacked the street preachers. I switched to video to document the incident. I DO NOT condone what the attackers did. While I don;t agree with these preachers, it is their Constitutional right to be in public and preach. I think it is tragic that some of the people who justifiably want tolerance in their life, deny that same tolerance to others. I commend the responding Seattle PD Officers for the professional way they handled this situation. The main aggressor was arrested.

On a side note: I think it is a testament to the assailants and aggressors that the Seattle PD removes a PBR can and some liquor bottle from the top of the baby buggy this woman has her children in. Where were those children while their caretakers were beating innocent people up?


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