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Bradley Manning: I'm transgender and plan to live as woman named Chelsea


NEW YORK -- Bradley Manning says he plans to live as a woman and begin hormone therapy, a day after the soldier was sentenced to 35 years in prison for sending classified information to WikiLeaks.

In a written statement provided to NBC's "Today" show on Thursday morning, Manning said he planned to live as a woman named Chelsea.

A military judge announced the sentence in Manning's court-martial on Wednesday. Manning's struggle with gender identity disorder — his sense that he was a man trapped in a woman's body — was a key part of his defense.

Attorneys had presented evidence of Manning's struggle with gender identity, including a photo of the soldier in a blond wig and lipstick that he sent to a therapist.

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I think, the news of the genocide in Syria is more important than this stupid news. Hundreds of children have been killed and MR right Obama has not said anything about it so far. Why this newspaper has not covered this news broadly? May be they are covering Obama; they don't want to make him look bad.

so does he pee standing up or sitting down??

"We're just like you!" Yeah, right. Sadly, we've come to a point where we cannot call a person who is mentally ill, mentally ill. Bradley Manning is screaming out for psychological help, but the Left - ever fearful that any perversion could be maligned, condemned, or medicated away - is so eager to call any deviancy normal, wonderful, and worthy of being celebrated. The late Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan called this "defining deviancy down."

The sadness of it all is that liberals call this "compassion." No, compassion is getting a sick man some help. There are people out there wandering the streets with all sorts of mental illnesses....people having animated conversations with themselves; persons believing they are Jesus Christ; and others who are schizophrenic. But since these maladies are not sexual in nature, its ok to call them sick and suggest that they get help. But Bradley Manning.? Ohhhhhh noooooooooooooooo! That would be mean, cruel, and homophobic.

The Roman Empire fell for less reasons than are manfiest in American society today. Where did we go so wrong?!

I thought, at my age, 70, I've had heard it all.What's next? sex with animals approved by the State? What a disgraceful and SICK society have we become.Sadly, this is NOT the end of it all either. They will get together and come up with something even more depraved.

Glad to hear that Bradley Manning will probably only serve less than 10 years. Hope he receives the help he needs and is able to have a full transition.

As to the other comments: I love to read comments comming from the right. They are so entertaining. They never fail to bring up the "fall of the Roman Empire" or sex with animals or a fourth grade type comment about peeing.

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