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Disco Grandma's new Vine video: 'My Neighbor Can Twerk Better Than Miley'

Remember Yoeslan "Joey" Alfaro, the gay Miami Gardens photographer who recently created an Internet sensation with a Vine video of "Disco Grandma" Conqui Hernandez dancing in the backseat of his car to Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines?

Alfaro and Hernandez have posted a new Vine video, My Neighbor Can Twerk Better Than Miley!

Alfaro stars as Thicke; Hernandez as Miley Cyrus. The video speaks for itself.


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This is a bit over the top. ;)

To be fair so was thicke and mileys original performance lol

Way more enjoyable to watch than Miley, too.

Conqui has a good heart!

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