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Lesbian teen Kaitlyn Hunt to be held without bond until trial for sex with underage classmate


VERO BEACH, Fla. -- A teen accused of having sex with her underage girlfriend will remain in jail until her trial.

A judge ordered 19-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt to be held without bond during a hearing Tuesday. Hunt was booked into the Indian River County Jail Monday night, facing a new charge of transmitting material by electronic equipment harmful to a minor. She was already charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child.

Authorities say Hunt had sex with her then-14-year-old girlfriend last year. Hunt argues the sex was consensual.

Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers reports that the state attorney's office pulled a plea offer Monday following allegations Hunt violated her pretrial conditions and contacted the girl identified as the victim in the case. Prosecutors say Hunt exchanged thousands of texts with the girl and sent her nude photos.


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Good, this additional punishment will teach this criminal (obviously everything has to be proven in court but it appears now more likely she committed lesbian acts with the innocent young girl). If the alleged lesbian is found guilty and proved to have taken part in the lesbian activities she should serve the time to learn a lesson, especially at such a young age where she can still straighten out her life. What a horrible thing to do trying to drag a minor into such a destructive lifestyle.

She's dead in the water. No sane prosecutor would offer a plea deal now -- the case is a slam dunk. No sane jury would acquit. No sane judge would give her less than three years in prison (until the other girl turns eighteen). Idiot child. Idiot parents.

a minor who had a consensual relationship with another minor. If this were a heterosexual couple there wouldn't even be a trial. This is discrimination, plain and simple.

Eighteen and fourteen? No way. Lots and lots of boys in prison who thought that the "no more than two years older" than the girl was only a dating suggestion.

The alleged immoral activities of child pornography over the internet and lesbian activities with an innocent under age child are bad signs for the future for this girl. Hopefully she will learn from her punishment that these are serious offenses and sending pictures to the underaged as well as participating in lesbian activities are destructive activities that need to stop if she is to be a productive member of society.

Good succinct comment Jose. I am perhaps too longwinded and always appreciate someone who can sum up a situation as well as you. Her lesbian activities must not go unpunished.

She is just another Gay Child Rapist

She is not being discriminated against because she's gay. She has supporters, but if this involved two males, or an older male with a younger female and vice versa, the product would still be the same, albeit with less support. The truth is that /they're/ demanding special treatment /because/ she's gay.

Name some names of the oh so many 18 year old's that are in jail for a similar crime. The ironic part of FL law is that if one was 16 and the other 24, there would be no problem crime. Since this is FL, if one is a freshman and the a senior, it's child molestation. Which as anyone who went to high school knows is a crock of baloney. The only serious crime is that these dumb kids were born in FL. Other states recognize that kids have sexual relations behind their parents' backs and have years between as a rule, and not specific ages. Rock on FL!

Ignoring that the other girl was only fourteen is not helpful. Not much of the publicity and polemics in this case has been helpful, for that matter. Might as well curse the sea when a person is drowning. Gay, both in high school, wouldn't be a crime if the younger girl had been sixteen .... Meh! The in-all-cases age of consent is sixteen in about 1/4 of the states. Like them young? Go there. Romeo and Juliet? My state's is over fourteen and no more than two years apart -- general age of consent is seventeen. All this "Stop the Hate, Free Kate" thinking has gotten that girl is jail and the prospect of a long prison sentence and lifelong stigma. Glands replacing brains all around -- parents looking to keep that "defense fund" money coming in. Wonder if they'll market the masturbation video. Kaitlyn owns the copyright and it would be legal -- she's nineteen now.

And all you gaybashers, too. Can you read the header and see what kind of blog this is? Nobody forced you to come here.

Thanks. Rant over.

I'm not a "gaybasher"..however I do understand that you suffer from a treatable disease and because of this i have compassion for you

If you homosexuals really want equal rights and not special rights....you will want this child rapist to serve time...it is simple..it is honest..it is clear cut...accept the logic and rational or admit your real agenda

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