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Newark Mayor Cory Booker: New Jersey Senate rival's comment on his sexuality 'bigoted'


NEWARK, N.J. -- Democratic Mayor Cory Booker on Wednesday accused his U.S. Senate race rival of making bigoted comments when asked about a newspaper article in which Booker ambiguously addressed his sexuality.

Republican Steve Lonegan said on Steve Malzberg's Newsmax talk show that it's strange Booker won't refute long-simmering rumors that he's gay.

"It's kind of weird. As a guy I personally like being a guy," said Lonegan, who referenced a 2012 interview in which Booker said he "likes to go out at 3 o'clock in the morning for a manicure and pedicure."

Lonegan's comments came after a Washington Post profile in which Booker, a rising star in the Democratic Party, said he keeps his romantic life private because it's "unfair to a young lady to put them in the spotlight" if they're not ready for it. Booker then brought up gossip, which has been swirling since he first ran for mayor in 2002, that he's gay.

"And people who think I'm gay, some part of me thinks that's wonderful. Because I want to challenge people on their homophobia," Booker told the newspaper for Monday's profile. "I love seeing on Twitter when someone says I'm gay, and I say, 'So what does it matter if I am? So be it. I hope you are not voting for me because you are making the presumption that I'm straight.'"

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Great story if you know anyone who is registered to vote up in New Jersey definitively convince them to vote for Mayor Booker.
If you read Booker's website you will find out that he is a big supporter of the cyber-security bill known as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) H.R. 3523(under drop down memu "Visions Cybersecurity"). Well you see it isn't that Booker supports the bill so much as Google and Facebook are major Booker campaign doners and back HR 3523. The bill passed the House last year but stalled in the Senate. HR3532 is just a couple votes short of passing the Senate (well until Cory gets in and voted for it!!!).
It is going to be great think about how life is going to be after Cory helps CISPA get pass -- no more anonymous online chatting or posting on your favorite gay chatline or gay forums. For examples if I suspect that a co-worker is gay. Well -- No more guessing thanks to Cory! All the various databases containing this information will be up foresale as all online providers will be shielded from liability under CISPA.

Yes you can be outed by a co-worker or other will get private information about you after CISPA wipes out all privacy online.

Cory Booker for Senate!!!

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