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North Carolina GOP lawmakers may defend gay marriage ban, abortion law if attorney general won't


RALEIGH, N.C. -- After passing politically divisive legislation on voting laws and setting in motion new abortion restrictions, North Carolina's Republican-led General Assembly has given itself the authority to defend them in court.

Last month, in a last-minute move before adjourning for the year, lawmakers inserted two sentences into legislation clarifying a new hospital-billing law that would give the state House speaker and Senate leader the option to defend a state statute or provision of North Carolina's constitution and not rely on Attorney General Roy Cooper, a Democrat.

Gov. Pat McCrory, a Republican, has until Aug. 25 to veto the measure.

Cooper hasn't refused to defend the state in any case, though counterparts in California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania said they would not defend their states' same-sex marriage bans.

GOP lawmakers don't trust Cooper to fully defend Republican initiatives in court after he publicly criticized North Carolina's constitutional ban on gay marriage as well as the voting and abortion regulations, said Rep. Paul Stam, R-Wake.

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I am sure this will end the same way BLAG did. Just more money out of the pocket of tax paying citizens. Does anyone else find it ironic that gays and lesbians must also foot the bill to deny their rights?

Re: "North Carolina GOP lawmakers may defend gay marriage ban"

I'd LOVE to read the legal reasoning they're going to use. No one else has come up with any valid reasons to support such bans.

I am not sure why the Herald is publishing this article that is irrelevant to Miamians and Floridians. Please remove it or you will continue to lose relevance.

Steve please continue to publish this very relevant topic. Ed get your head outta the sand. This issue affects the LGBT for it sets precedence nationally. Some people can't see the forest for the trees.

I am not sure why anti-gay Ed Jenkins continues to read and post to the GAY South Florida column. Ed, perhaps you should remove yourself from this column or finally admit (to yourself & others) you are a closet queen.

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