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SAVE Dade praises Commissioners Edmonson, Barreiro, Heyman, Jordan for gender law proposal

News release from SAVE Dade:

SAVE Dade recognizes commissioners and partners for supporting effort to add all-inclusive language to countywide Human Rights Ordinance

MIAMI, FL, August 15, 2013 – In light of the County Commission’s withdrawal yesterday of the proposal to add all-inclusive language to the existing countywide Human Rights Ordinance, SAVE Dade Board Chairman Brian Adler commended Commissioners Edmonson, Barreiro, Heyman, and Jordan for their sponsorship of the amendment.

“The fight to achieve an all-inclusive Human Rights Ordinance that protects everyone in Miami-Dade County is just beginning, but we never could have made it this far without the steadfast, principled support from Commissioners Edmonson, Barreiro, Heyman, and Jordan,” said Adler. “I can’t think of a better group of lawmakers to work with on this issue going forward.”

Adler reserved particular praise for Commissioner Edmonson, who brought the proposal to vote before the Health and Social Services Committee this summer. “Commissioner Edmonson has been with us every step of the way,” he said. “She’s a champion on this issue and a dedicated public servant committed to protecting equality for her constituents and everyone in Miami-Dade County.”

“I am proud to take a stand on the issue of civil rights,” said Commissioner Edmonson, “and I look forward to working with SAVE Dade and our community partners to educate the voters and the commissioners, and to pass this critical proposal.”

The organization also hailed the support of its national partners, the National Center for Transgender Equality, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the Human Rights Campaign, as well its statewide partner, Equality Florida, and numerous community partners. “Of course, the real soldiers in this battle are the volunteers making phone calls and knocking on doors day after day,” Deputy Director Maria Barth noted, “and without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Volunteers have helped SAVE Dade collect over 3200 signatures in support of an all-inclusive Human Rights Ordinance. In addition, during over 150 volunteer shifts, they have made over 3300 phone calls to voters and knocked on over 600 voters’ doors. SAVE Dade will continue to work with volunteers as the organization implements an aggressive plan to engage the community on this issue.


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"SAVE Dade" Deputy Commissar Maria Barth says that “SAVE Dade blames Bell because she was the only commissioner to vote against the proposal in its first reading three months ago.”

How could the “only commissioner to vote against the proposal” stop the proposal? What about all the other members of the Commission? Don’t the other 12 County Commissioners count for anything or amount to much???

Are we missing something here? Is "SAVE Dade" implying that they require TOTAL control of the Miami-Dade County Commission to get their evidently dangerous and discriminatory ordinance passed?

Since when does the vote of “only one commissioner" determine what gets approved or rejected by the Miami-Dade County Commission??? Again, are we missing something here?

Yes! We are missing the fact that "SAVE Dade" ideologues are not rational, level-headed, fair-minded, sane individuals. They are inmates running an insane asylum. As someone already pointed out, they need professional help before they injure themselves or others. Let’s hope "SAVE Dade" ideologues get the help they need before it’s too late.

I guess that when "Save Dade" keeps repeating the same lies over and over again, they themselves start believing them, LOL!
Hey "Save Dade", what do you call an illness where you believe your own lie completely?

Let's all remember: SAVE Dade stands for Sodomize And Victimize Everyone in Dade.

Commissioner Audrey Edmonson is being fooled into believing that this ordinance has to do with human rights. It does not.

Objectively speaking, a human being’s sex, age, race, and ethnicity, or biological ancestry, among many other personal traits, are not up to them to arbitrarily decide; they are not based on a personal opinion, private belief or subjective perception.

Sex is a precisely determinable genetic fact; it is a scientifically demonstrable biological reality. As such, like it or not, sex can never be altered or changed. While an individual's physical appearance can be cosmetically changed or modified, or they can change their personal opinion as to their sex, their DNA, or chromosomes, can never be altered.

This discriminatory ordinance is a slap in the face of every Miami-Dade resident. That's why it was withdrawn. That's why it will never be approved! Get over it...

We thank God for Commissioner Bell who will not sell their soul for a vote. We support Commissioner Bell completely.

Ken Hutcherson, an influential black pastor from the Seattle area, put it well: “It has been said loudly and proudly that the gay lifestyle is not a civil rights issue. If that’s the case, then gays would be the new African-Americans. I’m here to tell you now, and hopefully for the last time, that the gay community is not the new African-American community.
“Don’t compare your sin to my skin!” he demands.

As an African-American, I am ashamed of our SUPPOSE-To- Be Leaders position on these issues. They know that the BLACK community DOES NOT support those un-godly issues. She would not sponsor that Ordinance if she was up for RE-ELECTION !!!!!!

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