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Vote now: Should Miami-Dade County amend its gay-rights ordinance to include gender identity?

Tuesday's Daily Q:

dailyq-130pxShould the Miami-Dade Commission amend the county’s gay-rights ordinance to include a ban on discriminating against people based on gender identity or expression, including those who are transgender?

Click here to vote.


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Apparently the initial ordinance was sneaked through when us citizens of Dade were not looking so first we need to repeal that one. As for the confused individuals that were discussed in last week's meeting, we need to adopt an ordinance requiring them to be escorted to the nearest institution because if they are so confused that they don't know what sex they are, they clearly are a danger to themselves and have no business being on the streets unsupervised.

The Herald needs to remove these sex columns all of us who have families will be able to again safely take the print version in our house without having to fear our children will read these columns that belong in the shrink wrapped magazines in the adult aisle.

How about we adopt an ordinance, requiring YOUR KIND to be escorted to the nearest border, and gently kicked out of America...

We know who we are, we are Americans! Freedom for all, or freedom for none...

And if you don't like it, don't read it, there are DOZENS (literally) of other papers you can order. Maybe you can find one that caters to your tastes (I suggest Star Magazine myself, it looks to be about your level)

Grow up Ed, or get out!

Thanks Ed for your wonderfully disgusting views that shows exactly why we need these laws in place. You hate speaks very loud and very clear. I applaud you for actually being willing to speak so loudly and have your name be remembered throughout time as a hateful bigot. I feel sorry for your kids, that you would defile their open minds and try your best to close them. Why isn't teaching hate a criminal act yet? I should remind you of Mark 12:28-32, where a man heard Jesus speaking and asked Jesus what the two most important commandments are. Jesus replied that Loving your God is the most important. Loving your neighbor as yourself is the second. Your views sadly do not represent a loving attitude, but instead an attitude that I am fearful may actually attract demons. Be careful down the road of judgement. God Bless.

Ed, I'm a cisgender woman who doesn't consider herself to be a genius. Yet even I can see who's confused here; and it isn't transgender people. It's people like you who need supervision, until you grow up and learn to play nice with others. You're another one who thinks that your "opinion" is the one by which we should all live. I shudder at the thought.

Ed, you spend more time at the GAY South Florida column than most gay people. Come out, come out. It's time for you to come out of the closet

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