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‘Eternal damnation is too good for you,’ LGBT activist writes to Christian Family Coalition leader

Activists for and against LGBT rights often receive hateful, vitriolic emails.

On Thursday, Christian Family Coalition Executive Director Anthony Verdugo of Miami shared an email from “Natalie” regarding his group’s position against gender identity protections in Miami-Dade County.

“It's a bit frustrating but you see what I mean about this proposal unleashing a wave of hate and discrimination against people for who they are and/or what they believe?” Verdugo wrote to me Thursday night. “This is the reason we cannot support this proposal, it wasn't even adopted and already we have become targets of intolerance and vitriol!

“No, I'm sorry, in light of this hate rant, and the recent attacks on Commissioner Lynda Bell, claiming this proposal "prohibits discrimination" and is all about ‘tolerance and equality for all’ rings hollow, at best, and hypocritical at worst.”

Here is Natalie’s email:

I hope you are proud of yourselves. Joseph Goebles would be very proud of you, you know. How dare you ignorant bigots call yourselves Christian! Have you read the beatitudes? Read them. You guys are not followers of Christ. Your merely fans. I promise you that Jesus Christ would not approve of your dishonest smear campaign targeting people who, to be frank have it rough to begin with. You are not Christians. Not real ones. Transgender people are human beings and if you were real Christians it would behoove you not to prejudge every one, as if identifying as female were somehow comparable to being a pedophile. Do you see how insane that is? You don\'t, do you? For heaven\'s sake, even the ayatolas in Iran, who will actually kill you if you happen to be gay or, god forbid decide you would rather be Christian recognize that being transgender is a medical condition, not a crime. They also seem to agree with all of the respected medical authorities that the treatment is transitioning. i.e. hormones, etc. Given this precedent, would you be as cruel to a cripple? Do you just think that every time any one is afflicted with anything it’'s just God saying " I hate you"? Eternal damnation is too good for you, you malevolent hypocrites!!!


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Who is the hypocrite? What about pediphiles? is a medical problem too, they are imbalanced, so u want protection for them. I think not and I can think of many unacceptable medical conditions. Also, can we just throw away the whole Bible for grace sake, and imperfect bodies? Our father,loves us unconditionally, has proscribed an instruction book for how to live in an imperfect world, and u who have perverted his word, will be the ones who will one-day kneel, and suffer for eternity.

Steve thank you for publishing this article it clearly demonstrate how the majority - including Mr. Verdugo and Commissioner Lynda Bell are the target of a recurrent wave of hate and discrimination by extremist haters like "Natalie" who are so eager to deceive public opinion that they even go as low as to try distort faith in a twisted evil way, in a failed attempt to meet their ways.

Anthony you have shown a brave christian heart, willing to go to the end to defend what the Bible says. God is on your side and will keep you save from such evil people such as Emily. God loves the sinners but hate the sin. To received God's love you must repent of your sins, it is not the same being a sinner that living in sin. Come on.... Are they going to justify a "woman trapped in a man body" sharing the privacy of our girls? Wolves also dress as sheep to mislead and destroy the flock.

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