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Gay military group: Texas Military Forces still denies benefits to same-sex National Guard couples

News release from American Military Partner Association (AMPA):

WASHINGTON, DC - The American Military Partner Association (AMPA), the nation’s premier resource and support network for LGBT military families, released the following statement today in response to the decision by the Texas Military Forces (Texas Army National Guard, Texas Air National Guard, and Texas State Guard) to not comply with Department of Defense policy to extend equal benefits to same-sex military spouses. A copy of the memo from Major General John Nichols is provided above.
“It’s truly outrageous that the state of Texas has decided to play politics with our military families," said Stephen Peters, president of AMPA. "Governor Rick Perry should be ashamed. Our military families are already dealing with enough problems and the last thing they need is more discrimination from the state of Texas. "          
For more information about the American Military Partner Association and LGBT military families, please visit our home on the web at www.MilitaryPartners.org.


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Disgusting! And these Texan homophobes are about to have their a--es sued off! Did they think they can just ignore federal law?

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