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Skewered on the web: Gay couple raising $7,000 to pay for parents to attend big wedding in South Africa


Going viral via Gawker: Couple Eric Turner and Morné Coetzer are raising money through GoFundMe to pay for Turner's parents to attend their wedding in South Africa.

Writes Turner, a blogger at The Hot Bod Squad who is being trashed on the web for seeking to raise $7,000 (he's halfway to his goal):

I raise money for causes and organizations in the community frequently, and never ask for anything in return. Please help me be selfish for once as I raise money to help my parents attend my wedding.


Doesn't everyone have gold napkins, panda meat, and a Kardashian to be sacrificed at their wedding? Why WOULDN'T any couple ask for their gift registry to go toward such frivolous things? Duh. You think getting rid of a Kardashian is cheap?! Of course we'd ask people to contribute to my parents being there so that we could pay for all those other things. Heaven forbid we'd do something simple, minus all that bullshit I just listed, and simply ask for contributions to that instead of getting four toasters that we'd never use as gifts. Seriously people. Don't assume you know anything about my wedding because you read nonsense on a website that took something I said and twisted it to get visits to their site. :)


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