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Putin: No discrimination against gays at Olympics


SOCHI, Russia -- President Vladimir Putin promised Monday that gay athletes and guests at the Winter Olympics in Sochi will feel at ease, seeking to assuage fears fueled by a recent Russian law banning gay "propaganda."

Speaking at a meeting with heads of Russian winter sports federations, which was also attended by visiting IOC President Thomas Bach, Putin said Sochi would be fully tolerant.

"On my own and on your behalf, I have assured Mr. President (Bach) that we will do our best, and our athletes and fans will do their best too, so that both participants and guests feel themselves comfortable at Sochi Olympics regardless of their ethnicity, race or sexual orientation," Putin said. "I would like to underline that."

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They are looking at them well or will not be looked at them wel. How can something following this iequation in life as he is and saying he is different or would have been different and act so. if his qualities were to be the other would he have or been qualifed the other. Qualification is quality. His quality is as he is that is why he qualifeies to act so or act so.
Can he qualify a woman in man's clothing skin or penis act, as he is, and can act so[woman or vice versa]. He is not created a woman as his ability to work or act is womanhood but manhood of his ability or manhood for the other act if he were a woman or woman and can act as man. Her Brain works for woman as she is and made woman, or vice versa to act, and created to fit. How you are able is how you are and able or ability or quality of it.
So they can discriminate and made them not disturb other qualities of which they are or are not of

Reasonable how do you think of or of it
They should or not.
Are reasonable or not reasonable if you are not to be seen discriminate or discriminating or discriminate of the act,gay
Are you reasoning?

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