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Florida LGBT Democrats urge Republican Sen. Marco Rubio to change position and support ENDA

The Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus is lobbying Florida's junior U.S. senator, Marco Rubio, to support ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, when it comes to the floor, possibly on Monday.

Last week, Florida's senior senator, Bill Nelson, a Democrat, announced his support of ENDA.

Rubio, a Republican, said last week through a spokeswoman that he would not support ENDA.

"He believes people’s qualifications, performance and honesty are the most important qualities by which they should be judged in the workplace. If you’re a good worker, that’s all that should matter," spokeswoman Brooke Sammon told The Tampa Bay Times. "This legislation goes far beyond protecting workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation, and he is currently studying what kinds of burdens it could impose on small businesses, frivolous lawsuits that could result, and ensuring that religious freedoms under the First Amendment are protected."

From a Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus email released Monday morning:

As early as tomorrow, Monday, November 4th, the United States Senate will take up a vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Currently, in 29 states, there is no state law protecting a gay, lesbian or bisexual person from being fired or denied employment just because of who they are - and the same is true in 33 state for our transgender brothers and sisters.

Last week, US Senator Bill Nelson added his name as an ENDA co-sponsor after a meeting facilitated by the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus. The Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus along with countless many other organizations and advocates have been working hard to educate lawmakers at every level of government on the importance of these kinds of legal protections.

With a vote as early as Monday, we need to pressure US Senator Marco Rubio and let him know that pro-equality Floridians like you want him to vote to support ENDA.

Please call US Senator Marco Rubio and ask him to support ENDA.
Telephone: (202) 224-3041

Send an email using this link:

Michael Rajner, Legislative Director
Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus


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