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Former Miami Beach Mayor Neisen Kasdin praises diverse voters who elected new commission

Letter to the Editor from former Miami Beach Mayor Neisen O. Kasdin:

imageThe Nov. 22 editorial, New day on the Beach, said that the most talked-about result of the elections is the absence of Hispanics in City Hall. The Herald is again listening to the echo chamber of the Editorial Board, those who lost the election and their supporters.

The election was about reform and cleaning up the corruption and mismanagement of recent years — that’s what was on the minds of Beach residents.

Over half the city is Hispanic, that means many, if not a majority, of Hispanic voters voted to elect the current Commission. In Miami Beach, Hispanics, Anglos, blacks, Christians, Jews, straight people, lesbians and gays looked past ethnic, religious, racial and gender identity and voted for whom they deemed the most qualified. The Herald should laud this thoughtful post- ethnic approach to government, instead of fanning the flames of ethnic division.


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