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Huff Post Gay Voices: ‘Kidnapped for Christ’ film documents LGBT teens sent to ex-gay camps

Huffington Post Gay Voices on Friday published an interview with Kate S. Logan, director of an upcoming documentary, Kidnapped for Christ.

The film, executive produced by Lance Bass, “is a compelling new documentary that follows the experiences of several American teenagers after they were kidnapped from their homes and shipped to Evangelical Reform schools located in the Dominican Republic,” writes Huffington Post.

In the interview, Logan describes life in the camps:

The "treatment" was called "Culture Shock Therapy" by the administrators. So their actual methods involved jarring kids enough that they were more malleable emotionally and mentally. That was Step One, and it involved strenuous and intense physical labor and exercise, constant repetition of religious and program-written texts, and severe punishments for students who "acted out." Those punishments could be hours of manual labor, exercising, or actual physical beatings, which they called "swats."

Click here to read the complete interview.


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