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Greg Cote: Official report concludes Miami Dolphins’ Bullygate saga for now; repercussions likely to follow


One of the saddest locker room sagas and biggest off-field embarrassments in Miami Dolphins history reached a formal conclusion Friday. But whether the “Bullygate” controversy really has ended is doubtful.

Repercussions likely will follow in the form of punishments levied by the club or the NFL. Lawsuits might yet be filed related to a workplace environment fraught with harassment and taunting.

The independent examination ordered by the league in November took the form Friday of a detailed 140-page report by investigating attorney Ted Wells, and his conclusion was that Richie Incognito indeed was the bully in all of this and that Jonathan Martin told the truth about his victim’s role.

The two principals were not the only ones involved, though, which is a big reason this matter might not yet be over.

The Wells report found that current Dolphins Mike Pouncey and John Jerry joined Incognito in the harassment, and that victims in addition to Martin included a second young lineman thought to be Andrew McDonald, and an assistant trainer.

Explicitly the report details how the three implicated players taunted their victims. The language is sexually vulgar, racial and homophobic. In ways shocking, cruel and stunningly juvenile, Incognito, Pouncey and Jerry lend the most unsavory, literal connotation to the phrase “offensive” linemen.

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Read Richie Incognito’s (apparently) final tweets.


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