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Nancy Grace revises the history of Anita Bryant; HLN star also gets confused about her own age


Following the May 28 red-carpet attack on Brad Pitt, HLN's Nancy Grace did a segment with pop psychologist Dr. Bethany Marshall about celebrity stalkers.

Grace and Marshall compared the Pitt attack to when Anita Bryant took a pie in the face from angry gay activists just after the repeal of Miami-Dade County's gay rights ordinance in 1977.

Either Grace has a very bad memory, didn't do her homework or she and Marshall deliberately contorted the Anita Bryant attack.

Grace's on Bryant: "She was speaking on some issue dear to her heart. (Shows video of Bryant getting hit by the pie, never mentioning that it was over gay rights.) I remember that as a little girl. I mean, she is a lady. I don't understand that."

Perhaps Grace's worst act of revisionism:

"I remember that as a little girl." Grace, born in October 1959, was 17 years old during the Bryant campaign.


Here's the complete transcript, followed by the infamous video of Bryant's pie in the face ("Well at least it's a fruit pie."):

Nancy Grace:

Do you remember Anita Bryant? Anita Bryant was a religious singer. I think she represented the orange industry. She had a lot of conservative views, but she had this beautiful voice.

She was everywhere singing all the time, a lot of times it was Christian inspirational music. I still remember when I was a little girl and somebody came up and did this to her in public.

She was speaking on some issue dear to her heart. (Shows video of Bryant getting a pie in her face.) I remember that as a little girl. I mean, she is a lady. I don't understand that. I don't understand that Bethany. Why did that guy do that? That was the first time I recall that happening to her. I mean, look at her. She makes me think of my own mother.Why would you do this to a sweet lady? Whether you agree with her politics or not.

Dr. Bethany Marshall:

Nancy, it speaks to the enormous envy that I'm talking about. The fact is, what do we do when we're envious. We try to destroy the object of our envy.

Anita Bryant was beautiful as you pointed out, he had a voice, she could sing. And what did he do? He attacked the most beautiful part of her. He defaced her. He wanted to humiliate her. He wanted to cut her down to size. He wanted to say, 'You are not all that.' We think about this perp, he's saying this to all these stars, 'You're not all that. I'm the one who should have the limelight. I'm the one who should be on the red carpet. I'm the one who should have the TV show, so he's climbing over the backs of others in order to make himself a star, but employing enormous aggression while he does it. It's really an attack on their agency."


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