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Indiana won't recognize same-sex marriages


INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana won't recognize hundreds of same-sex marriages that were performed before a federal court halted a lower-court's decision to lift the state's gay marriage ban, the governor's office said Wednesday.

Gov. Mike Pence's decision, first announced in a memo from chief counsel Mark Ahearn, applies only to state agencies that report to his governor's office and would affect state services controlled by those agencies, such as food stamps or the ability to file jointly for state taxes.

Hundreds of couples were married from June 25, when a U.S. district court judge struck down the state's gay marriage ban, to June 27, when a federal appeals court stayed the decision.

Pence, a Republican, told reporters at a Statehouse event Wednesday that the state was only abiding by the decision of the federal appeals court that stayed the earlier ruling that struck down Indiana's gay marriage ban.

The Indiana attorney general's office, which is handling the court challenges, had no immediate comment.

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Marrigage should only be btw a Man and a Woman as per our Laws funded in the Judeo-Christian principles.

The truth is that the laws are changing.

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