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Reader: 'Steve, nothing like showing a pic of two homos in a lip lock. One of my grand kids lost her appetite'

A few emails and comments re: Motion denied: Judge won’t lift stay and allow gay Key West bartenders to marry on Tuesday:

Nice going, Steve, nothing like showing a pic of two homos in a lip lock. One of my grand kids lost her appetite this morning while scanning thru your column.

One thing for sure, no one will ever charge you with having taste or class.


F*@k a bunch of gay bartenders! I mean, Pleeeeze..Is the World going to collapse if these Faeries don't get a piece of paper?


Hey YQue, where's that hostility come from. why so emotional about gay guys? You want to be more angry than follow the constitution? That's some emotional investment you got on gays !! --


The minority want to overuled the Majority this "deviant" madeness must end!


Always an interesting read when the homophobes start writing. Bigotry and hatred is alive and well in America.


Steve Rot-hole has to be the ugliest gay in the entire world. He honestly looks like he might be retarded, and I think he is dragging down the gay community, and should be replaced by Dan Savage or any other gay that looks like a normal human being.


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It saddens me to see the level of hate, discrimination and negativity put out to the world by some, and makes me wonder where this self loathing and lack of compassion is coming from. HOW could it possibly affect YOUR LIFE if two consenting adults LOVE each other, want to LIVE A LIFE together and PLAN for their future TOGETHER? How do 2 OTHER people being in LOVE, wanting to LEGALIZE and PROTECT their futures, affect YOU? IT DOESNT. Not any more than YOUR LOVE & LIFE CHOICES affect anyone else. Spread LOVE & TOLERANCE. Let go of he HATE.

When I think of how the United States was thirty years ago, twenty years ago, or even ten years ago, i am grateful for the progress. LGBT people being out of the closet has changed everything. Most straights do not want to see their LGBT loved ones as second class citizens. And President Obama's leadership has been extremely instrumental in changing hearts and minds in America. However, with progress, there's backlash, which is illustrated by these ugly comments. But we are winning, and America will be a better nation for it.

Dear Steve:

Please post more pictures of same sex couples kissing... I find the angry reactions from the 'phobes to reveal the anger they experience when they realize that they're losing thier own culture wars.

Dear Steve,
Thanks to you and many other courageous members of our community who stand up for what is fair and right, we are winning and the world is becoming a more loving and accepting place for us all. As we continue to win hearts and minds, those who remain opposed to equality are the most extreme voices and, as their numbers dwindle, they become desperate for their hatred to be heard. Fortunately for us, Love is Louder!
Keep up the good work Steve!

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